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I’m the Founder of Offerlind Mastery and the person who runs most of the practical programs.

My 35 years of experience and contacts have helped me to develop action plans for organisations as well as individuals, in order for them to be better able to develop and implement their visions. This is the foundation for the work within Offerlind Mastery.

Except for life experience (which is always educational in itself for those who are open to it,) I’ve also learned a great deal from being a sales person, a sales/marketing executive, a managing director and for several years, a business owner.

Maybe the most important piece of learning from these is the understanding that having the strongest co-workers as possible in your organisation is crucial – and that also requires strong leadership.

In addition to what life has taught me, I have graduated in:
• Engineering
• Personal Marketing Economy
• Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership. (San Francisco)

Throughout the years I’ve found that the skills listed below are critically important for anyone wanting to start, run and manage a successful business. They’re also important in order to develop as a leader, as an executive and as an individual:

It’s extremely important to have:

• The right ATTITUDE
• Realistic goals, and plans to achieve them
• Knowledge
• Passion
• Endurance
• An open mind but with an appropriate ‘filter mechanism’
• Good communication skills
• A realization of the importance of listening
• An understanding of the golden principle of trying to create WIN-WIN situations.

In addition you need:

• To be focused.
• To believe in yourself and what you’re doing.

Many of the above descriptions you can also find in the Offerlind Mastery Toolbox “The Game Of Life And How To Win It”.

‘All of us are born winners but things happen along the way!’

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