Offerlind Mastery is a company that can make a difference in both an individual’s and an organisation’s development. Our main business is ‘Personal & Organisational Development’, mainly through our toolbox “The Game Of Life And How To Win It”.
We’ve helped individuals and organisations to grow and develop since 2007 when Mats Offerlind started it all. Together with you – our costumer – and your requests, we inspire and help you to develop into your desired level and to achieve whatever it is you’re aiming for.
Our focus is to ensure that it’s an inspiring experience to deal with us at Offerlind Mastery, whether it’s being in a Coaching program or listening and participating in an inspiring speech or seminar.
If we’re given the opportunity to help you in your development, we will start by making your foundation strong enough that you’re enabled to develop.

Here are just some of the skills and experiences you will be offered within the course:

• Personal Coaching
• Executive Coaching
• Sales/Result Coaching
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Goal-Setting, Implementation and Achievement of Objectives
• … And Much More!

But in reality, what’s probably the most important factor that makes it work is:

• The help we give that will enable you to get things started without any unnecessary delay!

One highly appreciated experience is listening to one of Mats Offerlind’s inspiring and motivation-increasing speeches. It might be at a conference, a ‘kick off’ day or when different groups come together. It’s exactly the same format as the half-day seminar and the weekend seminar.

The toolbox ”The Game Of Life And how To Win It” addresses this:


If an individual doesn’t have control in and over their own life, how will they be able to function optimally within a group?

Now it’s up to you to contact us in order to obtain further information or make a booking. You can either call us at: +4641024307 or leave a message with the contact form.

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