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Personal development requires an open mind.

If you really want to get somewhere with your personal development, you need to be very curious and not just accept things as they appear to be. No-one will reach a higher level than anyone else if they remain the same as everyone else. You need to do more and you need to investigate for yourself the things you see and hear.

Personally, I have always been very curious about everything I have found interesting, and even things that I first thought were not interesting, turned out to be. These days, much in our world is centred on religion in different ways. It may be a war that started because of some kind of religious belief; it may be terrorists; it can be which days we celebrate as holy days. It may be that you’re an atheist, but even here religion has a place, since you need to read and understand about the religion in order to be able to argue against it.

In fact in order to able to have an opinion about something, I believe at the very least you need to have a fundamental knowledge about it. I also believe that if consider yourself to be a well-informed person, as a minimum you need to have read the most read and sold book for the last hundred years – The Holy Bible. I did this myself about a year ago, just 5-10 minutes every day on average.

I did not do this because of any particular religious perspective. I did it because I simply wanted to know what was really written in it as opposed to what people make up! I can highly recommend you to read it and believe that, like myself, you will be surprised when you read some parts.

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