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An open mind

Every minute of every day you’re exposed to things, events, situations, people, etc. and you have the opportunity to evaluate all of these, based on your own experiences. Most of these events, etc. you may consider to be of a relatively insignificant nature and therefore, deserving of little or no attention. But there are ALWAYS situations which have the possibility of enabling you to do something very special – regardless of who you are and whether you think you’re someone who gets opportunities.

I’m sure that, like most other people, you’re naturally disinclined to change your old behaviour and actions. You may be complacent and think that all changes are for the worse. You may wonder why you should change something you’ve done for many years and been comfortable with. You’ve built yourself a world in which you’ve adapted yourself to your life and what you’ve achieved, without reference to your dreams or your youthful visions of what could be. Your security in what you’re doing now is what’s most important and any change will be a threat rather than an opportunity.

Security is considered to be the one thing you most aspire to as a human being, but it’s also one of the most inhibiting and restricting things you can aim for! After all – what is security? Is it when you just do what you know how to do and don’t dare to do what might be the very thing that will make your life what you really want it to be? Who knows, if it came, it might be what you were really waiting for. But would you recognise it anyway?

Answer: You’ll recognise it only if you have an open mind!

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