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Greed Has Been One of Mankind’s Worst Problems Throughout Time

What’s the worst behaviour of mankind? Many of us would probably list quite a few of the following:

Starting a war, killing someone, acting with dishonesty, stealing, treating people in a bad way and yes – this list could be much longer. My point is that they all, in one way or another, involve greed. I do believe that most of you would agree that starting a war can easily involve greed. Killing someone can be for many different reasons, but in too many situations greed can be the reason for the act. Dishonesty is definitely allied with greed. Treating people badly could certainly be decreased if people stopped acting with greed and didn’t allow it to control them. I feel that stealing is so obvious that it need not be explained.

Why do I want to communicate this? It’s well known that greed is not a positive human characteristic. Many of us are very familiar with it, but how come so many people are ruled by it in their everyday lives? To me it’s quite obvious that greed and egotism are like twins, they can’t live without each other. The greed needs the egotism in order to get out its way of behaving amongst us human beings and the egotism needs the greed in order to justify its existence.

Is there really anybody who honestly believes that a person can happy in a long term, lasting way, if he or she has built it based on greediness? I’m sure that’s not the case, so here is my message to those of you who are right now, striving for real success and happiness: Please do not let greed have any part at all in your plan, nor your actions towards achieving your dream. You will never achieve real success in life if you let greed be involved in it!

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